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Puzzlair 4D is a new, simple and fun live escape game, designed for small groups of 2-5 people.

You get 60 minutes to climb a mountain of puzzles and mysteries in an escape game room. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time! During this engaging game, team members will live and breathe as one for an hour.

Now we have 6 live escape game rooms in 2 places. Puzzlair 1 has the The Office of John Monroe room and the Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted. Puzzlair 2 has the The Warehouse of Jack Travis, The Secret Agent roomThe Poltergeist room and The brand new Prison Van Escape. All of the game rooms are for 2-5 players, it means we can entertain a maximum 30 people together starting and finishing the games at the same time.

The office of John Monroe – Located on 39 Midland road, BS2 0JT

puzzlair bristol room john monroeJohn Monroe was a private investigator. WAS! He died recently. The police said it was a murder, so his office is still sealed. No one knows who did it and why. If you and your team are good investigators you will unlock the mystery. The players only have 1 hour to look around the place and to find the evidence and clues, and to wrap up the case of who killed John Monroe and why. 60 minutes can be enough to escape the room if you are inventive enough. John is counting on you…



The lab of Dr. Lev Pasted – Located on 39 Midland road, BS2 0JT

puzzlair bristol room lev pastedThis is the secret hideout and laboratory of the mysterious Romanian geneticist and biologist Dr. Lev Pasted. In his late years he focused his experiments on some kind of blood elixir. The formula has gone, so has the doctor. Some say, the secret blood serum is still inside the lab hidden somewhere. You and your team have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, find the hidden items, search for the codes, and get out of the room in time. If you like a dark and misty atmosphere, this escape game room is your choice…



The Warehouse of Jack Travis – Located on 1/A Barton road, BS2 0LF

puzzlair bristol room jack travisJack Travis is a famous adventurer and archaeologist. He explored Africa recently and came back with a lot of rare and expensive artifacts. He mysteriously disappeared from Bristol, but some say he left a lot of clues in his warehouse that can lead you to a rare diamond. He stole it from Africa and donated it to be a part of the crown jewels. He disappeared from Bristol and the diamond is still in the warehouse. If you are brave enough and you want to join a real adventure, come and try this room.



The Secret Agent room – Available for 6 people – Located on 1/A Barton road, BS2 0LF

puzzlair bristol room secret agentIn this room you can be a real spy! Someone stole the complete agent list of MI6. According to a leaked information it was stolen by a double agent. Your mission is to find out who the double agent is and to get back the agent list to MI6. Your have to use real spy techniques to reveal the truth. In the room there are several clues and codes that will lead your team to the agent list and together with the list you will find the key to escaping.



The Poltergeist Room – Recommended over 18! – Located on 1/A Barton road, BS2 0LF

puzzlair bristol room poltergeistA widow lived in this room with her daughter and suddenly they disappeared. Every once in a while people see the silhouette of a woman walking around in the rooms. The players have to uncover the reason behind the disappearance and produce a successful ghost exorcism in order to escape the room in 60 minutes.



The Prison Van – Located on 1/A Barton road, BS2 0LF

puzzlair_bristol_room_prison_vanYou’ve been caught. You have been tried and you have been convicted. You are being transferred to a maximum security prison, then Boom! The secure vehicle you were being transported in is involved in an accident. You know that the police’s response time is 60 minutes. Can you escape in time? You have to cooperate with the other convicts, who may or may not help you get out. You decide what information to share with the others, and you have to find the best way to convince them to help you. Are you ready to get out? Let’s do it!



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