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This is a live escape game.

You and your group have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room! And why is it 4D? Because you are inside the game. Because you are the one who physically has to escape from a locked room simply by using your brain. You have to be smart and open-minded to solve the puzzles you have in front of you. You have to collaborate with your team members and most importantly laugh together. This is a game but if you take it a bit seriously it can be a pulse-raising event for friends, colleagues, families. Every key and code is inside the room you just only have to find them, use them or combine them to get to the next step that will lead to escape. The road is not easy, it’s not meant to be, but are you capable to see it through? Come along to find out!

If you have ever tried to think of a unique way to spend an hour with friends, family members or with colleagues for team building or just simply for fun, Puzzlair-4D is your place.

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Players told us: it is like Crystal Maze – but not so high-tech. True, there is only one high-tech thing involved in this game: Your brain! If you think you are better than Sherlock Holmes than this is your Escape Game!

And  again this is a GAME! It is not serious, it is just fun!

It is fun for EVERYONE: young or older, groups of friends or even for an unusual date. Of course it works as a team building exercise just as much as a surprise for someone’s birthday. Our Escape Games have been popular as part of a bachelor party, stag do and hen do as well.

Our Game masters are getting closer to their 1000 games. They have become real experts on making you feel lost, confused, use your brain and laugh, all at the same time.

We are also one of the TOP ranked activities in Bristol by TripAdvisor Reviews.

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Hang on tight!

This is a joyride!

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