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This is a real life escape game.

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You can hear your pulse racing inside of your head as you glance up and see the clock ticking away…60 minutes doesn’t seem like such a long time anymore. That’s how long you and your group have to solve every puzzle and uncover every clue to try and break free of this escape room. You’re in the game, living every adrenaline infused moment. You’ll need your wits about you if you’re going to make it out in time, leaving no stone unturned and communicating with your team members to make it out of the escape room.

Every key and code is inside the room you just have to find them, use them or combine them to get to the next step that will lead to your escape. The road isn’t easy and it’s not meant to be but with some good team work and a lot of fun you and your friends, family or colleagues will make it out with awesome memories to keep you buzzing for days!

Puzzlair 4D escape game in Bristol is a unique way for you and your friends, family or colleagues to spend an hour working together. We’ve got fantastic ratings on TripAdvisor from hundreds of happy customers who were lucky enough to make it out…

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Players told us: “it’s like Crystal Maze – but not so high-tech. True, there is only one high-tech thing involved in this game: Your brain! If you think you are better than Sherlock Holmes then this is your Escape Game!”

This escape game is fun for EVERYONE: young or older, groups of friends or even for an unusual date. Puzzlair escape room works as a fantastic team building exercise just as much as a surprise for someone’s birthday. Our Bristol escape games have been popular as part of a bachelor party, stag do and hen do as well.

Our Game Masters have overseen nearly 2,000 games! They have become real experts in making you feel lost, confused and exhilarated all at the same time.

We are one of the TOP ranked activities in Bristol on TripAdvisor with over 400 real customer reviews.

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